Thursday, August 20-th

60 historical and electrical vehicles will take part in the Transylvania Classic Rally

60 vehicles that made history, as well as electrical cars of the future will race today and tomorrow on the most spectacular roads of Sibiu, at the Transylvania Classic Rally. The start was given in the Small Square, in the historical center of the city. The oldest car in the contest is a Renault Torpedo made in 1920 and organizers mentioned that among the special models there will be a Ford A, made in 1929, and a Ferrari made in 1979. This year, in the competition for electrical cars 25 teams have registered, e record number for the contest. During the two days of the competition, contesters will pass through a route of more than 400 kilometers running through the best-looking places in Sibiu.

The European Commission has approved the complete funding of investments in the transport infrastructure

The European Commission has approved, for the first time for Romania, the complete funding using European funds of the investments in the transport infrastructure, and not 85%, as it happened so far. The Transport Minister says that the change, which is temporary, has been justified by the impact of the pandemic over the state budget.

The exception will last between July 2020 and June 2021 and, afterwards, Romania will go back to paying 15% from the state budget to fund projects approved by the European Commission. Also, for some investments, and especially those in the infrastructure, local authorities will take over some projects from the Transport Minister. This way, the risk of losing European money by not finishing works on time will be reduced. The biggest investments that are already in the process, using European money, and benefiting from this temporary exception are: A1 Sibiu-Piteşti highway, A0 highway, Bucharest beltway and modernizing the railway Braşov-Curtici on the most important route in the country which is also the only one being worked on using European money.

President Klaus Iohannis has referred the law of forest lands restitution to the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR)

President Klaus Iohannis referred today the law of forest lands restitution to the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR). The document which was approved by deputies last month says that, in the situation when a restitution is not possible on the old land, the state must give the owner another land, on the public property. In the notification sent to CCR, the Romanian president affirms that the law violates several regulations in the Constitution, especially those according to which public property goods are unalienable.

Alexandra Ioniţă, RADOR