Friday, November 27, 2020

Flash mob outside the Health Minister because the unreported nosocomial infections


Over 18.000 members of the Declic community have signed a petition submitted to the Health Minister, asking for daily and transparent reporting of the nosocomial infections. Members of this community organized a flash mob outside the ministry. They brought a hospital bed with a “patient” covered with a white sheet and held placards with messages.

Anduţa Careţu, Declic representative: The “Report nosocomial infections” petition is signed by 18.000 Declic members and, in it, we ask the health minister Nelu Tătaru to ensure a functional framework for reporting these infections that take place inside the hospitals. That is because, for decades, Romania has been confronted with an underreporting of these nosocomial infections, although they represent the main threat to the hospitalized patients’ safety. What we are doing today is to draw the attention of the Health Minister and of minister Nelu Tătaru to this fact.

Aduţa Careţu added that Romanian authorities have reported zero cases of nosocomial infections for the COVID-19 patients, since the beginning of the pandemic. She stated that such a situation would be impossible when European reports make it clear that countries with much better medical systems face infections associated to medical assistance, especially in intensive therapy units.


Survey – in 2021, the unemployment rate will continue to rise

The unemployment rate will continue to rise next year, in Romania, according to a survey conducted recently by the Association of the Bank Financial Analysts among its members regarding the evolution of the economy under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bogdan Mihai, member of the Association: 73% of the analysts estimate that the unemployment rate will rise next year. Still, at the same time, they consider that the import of workforce in Romania will continue to exist. 1 in 5 analysts think that it will continue to rise sharply. 96% of the responders said that the HoReCa industry will also be affected in 2021. The car industry is also perceived as one of the worst hit sectors.


Romania has its first app that tells its users if they have been in contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive

Starting yesterday, Romania has its first app that warns its users when they have been in contact with a person with COVID-19. It is called “First Contact”, it has been developed by an NGO in Cluj-Napoca and some software developers and it ensures the anonymity of those involved, be they infected or contacts of those.

Cristina Dumitrescu: You download the app – for now it only works for Android users – and then you keep the Bluetooth on at all times. Once installed, the app will warn the user if they have been in contact with a someone infected with the coronavirus. Also, each user can signal if they are infected, uploading on Cloud an anonymized copy of the test result. Due to the Bluetooth technology, localizing or following the user is impossible, not even based on the Bluetooth signal, as the identification key of the mobile changes often.

Alexandra Ionita