Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Study of the Sanitas Unions Federation regarding the evaluation of the vaccination stage in health department

A little more than 26% of the population over the age of 12 has taken at least one dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, and approximately 60% of the public hospitals personnel have a level of immunity against the virus, gained by vaccination or by recovering from the disease, says Sanitas Unions Federation in a study on this matter, which would be the first real evaluation of the level of vaccination in the health areas, based on collecting statistic data of more than 90.000 employees in the public medical institutions.
68,5% of the doctors have received at least one dose of the serum against COVID-19, this being the highest vaccination rate among the medical staff. 3% have been infected with Sars-coV-2 in the last six months and 28% are unvaccinated. The proportion of unvaccinated people rises when we come to talk about nurses, reaching more than 40%, similar to the one in the other categories of personnel, such as: pharmacists, biologists, chemists and kinetotherapists. Among the auxiliary sanitary personnel, such as stretcher-bearers, more than half are unvaccinated. Sanitas representatives say that the overall average for the employees in the medical system who have been vaccinated, of 60% , is much higher that the national rate and think that the measure considered by the authorities, regarding making vaccination compulsory for the medical personnel, would be unjustified, offering the alternative of mandatory periodical testing.

Romanian firefighters continue on their mission on Evia Island, in Greece

The missions involving Romanian firefighters continue on Evia Island, in Greece, for a third day in a row, in the Spathari area. According to the Interior Minister, they use six fire extinguishing machineries and two tankers. One drone is being used to identify water sources and fire focal points. A special situation has been encountered last night, when a fire has been detected on a steep hill, but no track to get to the fire has been found. The operation has been reinitiated this morning and, to get a better perspective, firefighters made an investigation from above, using the drone. At the same time, they worked on creating no vegetation pathways to limit the spread of the fire.

Activists for sexual minorities’ rights will march in Bucharest, on August 14, on Calea Victoriei

Activists for sexual minorities’ rights will march in Bucharest, on Saturday, August 14, on Calea Victoriei, as announced today by the Mayor’s Office and by the Accept Association. Given the pandemic and the specific legislation in place, the Mayor’s Office has approved a maximum number of 500 participants, compared with 10.000 people, as the organizers of Bucharest Pride had asked. Prior to that, The Mayor’s Office had refused to authorize the event, arguing that the routing the organizers had chosen for the march was part of the „Open Streets „Project, in which several important roads of the capital become pedestrian areas at the weekends. Following the agreement to which the two parts have come, the „Open Streets” project will be suspended on August 14 and resumed on August 15./aionita

Alexandra Ionita, RADOR