Thursday, December 30th 2021

Ghimbav International Airport, operational at the end of next year

The representatives of the Brașov County Council signed the contract for the provision of air navigation services at Ghimbav International Airport. The contract has a total value of almost 80 million lei, and the maximum execution duration is 14 months. The project manager estimates that it will be possible to fly from this airport at the end of next year. Based on the signed contract, the virtual control tower solution will be implemented, a first for Romania. Air traffic coordination will be carried out from the Regional Center for Flight Management in Arad, the second largest nationally, after the one in Bucharest, Radio Romania News Correspondent Adrian Cârneci notes that the airport in Brasov County will be the first in the country inaugurated after 1989. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)

Authorities are preparing for the management of the fifth wave of the pandemic

Authorities are preparing for the management of the fifth wave of the pandemic, expected to arrive in Romania in January, when the Omicron version of the coronavirus could become dominant. The estimates of the National Institute of Public Health show that, in the most pessimistic scenario, we could reach 25,000 new illnesses a day and, again, in crowded hospitals. In this context, and in the conditions in which in the last days there has been an increase in the number of infections, the Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă has scheduled from this hour a meeting with the representatives of the family doctors.
Reporter: Andrei Șerban – PM Nicolae Ciucă announced yesterday that the executive will implement, through the Ministry of Health, a new strategy for managing the fifth wave of the pandemic with COVID-19. Testing capacity for SARS-CoV-2 infection will be expanded and more emphasis will be placed on outpatient care. In this context, the meeting of the Prime Minister with the representatives of the family doctors’ associations takes place, because their involvement and responsibility in the fight against the new wave of the pandemic will be extended. I remind you that, on Tuesday, the government adopted an emergency ordinance which stipulates that family doctors who have contracts with health insurance houses to receive 50 lei for each person tested for the detection of SARS-CoV-2. This amount includes the value of the rapid antigen test, labor, materials and protective equipment required.

The rate of infection with the new coronavirus has increased in 15 counties

The number of new cases of COVID continues to grow in Romania and is approaching 1,500. Authorities reported 1,497 illnesses today. It is the highest level since December 3 to date. The Strategic Communication Group also announced 37 deaths associated with the infection, one of which was earlier. After 13:00, more data about the epidemiological situation will be published, including the number of those hospitalized and the tests performed. Meanwhile, the incidence rate calculated at 14 days in the Capital increased slightly and reached 0.63 cases per thousand inhabitants. The index fell below the threshold of 1 almost three weeks ago, after reaching a record 16.54 cases per thousand inhabitants in mid-October. After the proliferation of new coronavirus infections in recent days, the infection rate has increased in 15 counties. (RADIO ROMANIA NEWS)/aboboc