Tuesday, September 6, 2022

The national currency will maintain its tendency of growth compared to the euro

The national currency will continue its growth tendency for the next period, mainly as a consequence of earnings, in foreign currency, made by Romanians working abroad, but also of the depreciation of the euro, compared to most of the foreign currencies, including the American dollar. Specialists say that, on the long term, the previous tendency, of depreciation of the Leu compared with the European currency, will continue.
The value of the Romanian currency is at its lowest point compared to the American Dollar in the last 20 years, the causes being related to the war in Ukraine, to the fact that the American economy is much stronger than the one in the Eurozone and to the more aggressive growth of the key-interest-rate in the USA, says the financial analyst Adrian Codirlaşu, who is vice president of CFA Romania. But this is only one of the factors that have contributed to the appreciation of the Leu, explains the analyst, who thinks that the national currency will not grow for a long time compared to the euro.
Adrian Codrilaşu: Probably the Leu will remain somewhere between 4.80 – 4.95 for the next period. I don’t think it will have the strength to appreciate more.

Messages from the political leaders at the Annual Reunion of the Romanian Diplomacy

President Klaus Iohannis told the Romanian diplomats today that the entire transatlantic community has to manage multiple crisis that overlap, crisis generated by the Russian invasion in Ukraine. 2022 has brought us in front of developments that directly threaten peace and international security, and Romania directly contributes to the strategic adaptation imposed by this hostile reality, said the President.
The event was also attended by Prime minister Nicolae Ciucă. He reminded that Romania wants to also be a part of the solutions related to reconstructing Ukraine. He spoke about the help Romania offered Ukrainians who fled war and remained in our country or simply transited it. The chief of the executive also reminded the transport facilitation for the Ukrainian grains and added that Romania wants to be a part of the dialogue and solutions related to the reconstruction of the neighboring country affected by war.

On his part, the minister of foreign affairs, Bogdan Aurescu, said that 2022 was the year of major crisis, that generated threats towards the transatlantic security.
Bogdan Aurescu: I want to be as straightforward as possible: the Russian attack on Ukraine is a frontal attack against our transatlantic security. But not only that. It is an attack against our possibilities and our common democratic values. Tell this to all those who still don’t understand it and wrongly think that the EU sanctions are the ones that led to the present difficult economic situation in Europe. By strongly supporting Ukraine in the illegal and illegitimate war started by Russia, in fact we are pragmatically defending our own security, prosperity and our system of democratic values.

The first digital platform for people with hearing deficiencies to be launched in Romania

The first digital interactive platform in Romania for people with hearing deficiencies will soon be launched. According to a declaration by the Association “Zi de Bine”, it will be the first video data base of the sign language in Romania, that will function as video dictionary of words and expressions to quickly help building a conversational phrase. The platform will group the most important 1,000 words. For each word there will be loaded a short video, that will represent the translation in a mimical-gesture language. In Romania, at this moment, there are more than 30,000 of deaf people, including 5,000 children.

RADOR – Alexandra Ionita