Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Explosion on board a cargo ship off Romania’s Black Sea coast

At least 12 crew members were taken to a port near the Ukrainian border following an explosion offshore, Romania’s sea rescue agency said. The crew of a cargo ship have been rescued in the Black Sea after the vessel apparently hit a sea mine, Romanian authorities said Wednesday. Romania’s sea rescue agency MRCC said 12 crew members of the Togo-registered vessel Seama were evacuated and brought for medical care at the port of Sulina near the border with Ukraine after an explosion about 40 kilometers offshore. The blast took place in the ship’s engine room, according to preliminary information, it said. The crew said they believed the ship had hit a mine, however Romanian authorities said they have not yet confirmed the cause of the explosion.

The wider Black Sea region must be protected against the effects of Russia’s war in Ukraine, president Iohannis says

The wider Black Sea region must be protected against the effects of Russia’s war against Ukraine – President Klaus Iohannis has said during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly. The Romanian president has also said that Romania will not abandon its most vulnerable partners, referring to the transit of Ukrainian grains on its territory. „Romania is the direct neighbor to the coninued war of aggression of Russia against Ukraine, and we acted with all our energy to bring a solid contribution substantially to regional and international security and stability”, President Klaus Iohannissaid in front of the world leaders present at the UN General Assembly. Mr. Iohannis has emphasized that this war demonstrates that the Black Sea requires more attention at the global level, as it has a strategic importance for transatlantic security.

Klaus Iohannis: Our region, the wider Black Sea area, must be protected against the effects of Russia’s war against Ukraine, and its hybrid war and its malign interference. Romania has been consistently arguing on the need to keep the so-called protracted or frozen conflicts in the region high on our agendat. Romania has also been at the forefront of supporting in a multidimensional manner the vulnerable partners in the region. We have thus offered substantial support to our neighbor, the Republic of Moldova, the country most affected by the war, after Ukraine itself.

The drone remains found in Romania’s Danube Delta region are from Iranian-made drones

New information has occurred on the drone remains that fell in Romania’s Danube Delta region. Sources have told Digi 24 TV station that they were Shahed aircraft, made in Iran. These are the kamikaze-drones that Russians are usinf in their attacks on Ukrainian Danube ports. Army experts that have examined the drone fragments found in Romania have confirmed that they were part of Shahed drones. They weigh around 200 kilograms and are 3.5 meters long. They have an autonomy of 2,500 kilometers and could carry an explosive load of 30 to 50 kilograms. The drones are able to fly at very low altitudes, even under 100meters, and that is the reason why they cound not be detected by radars in Romania. The inquiry in this case is developing and the sources have said that the first two drones that fell on Romanian soil, close to the village of Plauru, did not have an explosive load and have not exploded.

Mădălina Brotăcel – RADOR RADIO ROMÂNIA