September 27, 2023

Doctors in Constața successfully made the first personalized hip prosthetics implant in Romania

Doctors in Constața successfully made the first personalized hip prosthetics implant in Romania, with a prosthetics built in Switzerland. These prosthetics have been implanted in Romania before, but only in knees and only in private clinics. In this case, doctors in Constanța began preparing for the surgery in July. Doctor Bogdan Obadă, chief of the Orthopedics Clinic in the District Hospital:
Bogdan Obadă: The prosthetics has been built to match the patient’s anatomy. Very sophisticated scanning has been performed inside our radiology department and the results have been sent to the company that builds these prosthetics in Switzerland. The patient is young, 47 years old, his other hip had already been replaced and he had a bilateral coxarthrosis, but the unoperated hip had an important shortage that induced an affected walking.
Although the device was created in a foreign lab, the entire intervention was free of charge for the patient. The costs of approximately 5,000 euro, have been entirely supported from the funds of a program carried out by the National Health Insurance Office.

The “25 Hours of Non-Stop Theatre” Festival in Timișoara

The “25 Hours of Non-Stop Theatre” Festival reaches Timișoara for the first time. Organized by the “Bis” Association in Sibiu, the independent theatre marathon brings together 21 events in ten more or less conventional spaces. Around 100 artists will be involved from across the country, says Bogdan Sărătean, founding member of “Bis”:
Bogdan Sărătean: It’s not only about different ages, it’s also about different ways of expression, about independent performances, which have a specific esthetics. They don’t have the fancy in state theatres, and by that I mean settings, logistics, because that would have been impossible for us, and therefore we compensate that through quality, authenticity and the truthfulness of the message. You cannot be an independent actor by yourself, but you can do that in an independent company with a certain esthetics, where artists have a common belief and then you can survive.
The 25 Hours of Non-Stop Theatre” Festival will begin on Saturday, at 7 p.m., at the concert hall of “Ion Vidu” Highschool.

The “Picasso Effect” Exhibition at the Recent Art Museum in Bucharest

46 paintings, drawings and engravings signed by Pablo Picasso are exhibited starting today at the Recent Art Museum in Bucharest.
The exhibition marks 50 years since the death of the great Spanish painter and includes creations of Romanian contemporary artists who have found inspiration in Picasso’s work. The Minister of Culture, Raluca Turcan, said in the press conference dedicated to the event that the exhibition called “The Picasso Effect” brings Romania in the international cultural circuit.
Raluca Turcan: The Picasso Effect is, from the point of view of the cultural life, inestimable, as it also is in the work presented here, in this museum, and there are unarguable arguments to support that. Romania enters the circuit of European countries with important cultural initiative, being the only country to host this exhibition in Central and Eastern Europe and it is among the eight countries on two continents, North America and Europe, with this exhibition.
The exhibition “The Picasso Effect” will be open at the Recent Art Museum in Bucharest until January 8th 2024.

(Alexandra Ioniţă)