Friday, December 9th

Romania’s Henri Coanda International Airport has recorded 10 million passengers in 2016

The Henri Coanda International Airport has reached this morning ten million passengers, in 2016. Last year, the main Romanian airport has been transited by 9,2 million passengers. Sorin Mihai Preda, the passenger that hit the 10 million level, is a businessman who has flown 170 times this year, in internal and foreign trips. He has noticed the quality services that passengers receive at Otopeni Airport, but he thinks that a further expansion is needed. The leadership of the Henri Coanda – Otopeni airport has recommended passengers to come to the airport three hours ahead of their flight departure. December is one of the most crowded months of the year, ar this airport, whit the average time spent at border control of about 40 minutes, although checkpoints have been supplemented.

Elite schools and universities in the UK are looking for Romanian students

Several elite schools and Universities in the United Kingdom try to recruit Romanian students. Representatives of these institutions have toured the country, and their journey is ending today, in the city of Timisoara. Last night they were in Cluj, where they met youngsters who wish to work in the UK. The representative of Bromsgrove School, Rachel Scannell, has noticed that Romanian youngsters get easily integrated in the British academic community. British schools and universities are submitting summer camps, gymnasium studies s well as high school and university studies.
Rachel Scannell: One of my attributions is to address the very diverse international community. I first came to Romania five years ago, and I was very impressed with the level of English acquisition that people here have.

28 Iraqi citizens tried to illegally enter Romania

Policemen from the border Coast Guard have intercepted 28 Iraqi citizens who were trying to illegally enter Romania, crossing from Bulgaria. Nine of them were children. The Iraqi citizens were walking over a field that lies between Bulgaria and Romania, with the intention of reaching a Western European state. After the check-up is completed, the necessary measures will be taken in order to hand the Iraqi citizens to the Bulgarian authorities.

Romanian man from Craiova, accused of Islamist propaganda

The Romanian prosecutors from DIICOT have arrested a young man from Craiova, on Thursday evening, accusing him of Islamist propaganda and training to carry out a terrorist act. The 18 years old Luigi Boicea, has come under scrutiny in 2005, when he was underage. He was then places under judiciary control, but he continued to breach the bans imposed on him: he visited the Islamic State website and followed jihadists’ online training courses, to learn how to make bombs and to handle fire arms. Prosecutors say that the youngster tried to contact leaders of representatives of Islamic State group, in order to gain support for carrying out a terrorist act. Luigi Boicea will appear on Friday before the Appeals Court in Bucharest.

Mădălina Brotăcel – Agenţia de presă RADOR