Thursday, November 8th

Romanian Orthodox believers celebrate St. Michael and Gabriel

November 8th marks the celebration of the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel, also known in Romania under their Christian Orthodox names, Mihail and Gavril. Anyone with the name of Mihai/Mihaela, Mimi, Gabriel/Gabriela, Gabi, and a few others, can also celebrate this day as an official name day. In Christian mythology, the Archangel Michael is the embodiment of heavenly justice, and he is typically depicted wielding a flaming sword. In the Exodus, Michael is the one who personally punishes the Pharaoh for refusing to let Moses’s people go. He watches over the sickly at their head, if they are to die, or at their feet, if they are to live. His name, in Hebrew, means, “Who is God?” The Archangel Gabriel is depicted holding a white lily as a symbol of purity and innocence. He is the one who brings mankind the news about the coming of Jesus Christ and the birth of John the Baptist, and also the one who tells Mary that her son will be the Son of God. His name means “man-God”. In some liturgical calendars the feast is ovserved on September 29. The Greek and Romanian Orthodox honour the archangels on November 8.

Romanian PM on a visit to Oman and Qatar

Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă is about to end her official visit to Oman and Qatar on Thursday. The visit was designed to enforce political dialogue and economic co-operation between Romania and the two Gulf States, according to Radio Romania. Ms. Dăncilă called on local businesses to invest in Romania’s infrastructure, agriculture, tourism and health system. The Romanian official chaired an economic forum organised in Doha on Wednesday when she presented business opportunities in her country.The Qatari business delegation was headed by Qatar Chamber Vice-Chairman Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Towar al-Kuwari.

Romania’s inflation forecast

The consumer price index will slowdown further as inflation is about to hit 3.5 percent in the next few months, much below its previous rate of more then 5 percent, the highest in the EU. The announcement was made by Mugur Isărescu, Governor of Romania’s National Bank (BNR), who presented the BNR quarterly report on Thursday. The trend is reflected in the annual adjusted CORE2 inflation rate (which excludes from the CPI inflation a number of prices on which monetary policy has limited or no influence, i.e. administered prices, volatile prices, and tobacco product and alcoholic beverage prices) continued to fall, down to about 2.7 percent in September from 2.85 percent in August. Prices of natural gas and vegetables (potatoes mainly) were natural causes of the consumer price rise during the summer, Mr. Isărescu pointed out.
Alexandru Danga, RADOR