Monday, April 15th

Crown Custodian, Margaret, and Prince Radu, on a commemorative visit to Paris

The custodian of the Crown, Margaret, and Prince Radu are today in France on a visit that reminds of the moment when, a hundred years ago, Queen Maria represented Romania in Paris in a diplomatic and royal approach. Within the next five days, the Crown Custodian and Prince will meet French state authorities; their agenda also includes visits to various institutions in Paris. In 1919, Queen Mary went to Paris twice, in March and April, and her journey was widely reported in the media. Although she was a sovereign-consort and not a head of state, her intervention in favor of Romania after the end of World War I was decisive. The visit to Paris took place in the presence of Prime Minister Brătianu and played an important role in favor of our country at the Paris Peace Conference.

The Social Democrat Party president, Liviu Dragnea, before the Supreme Court

The Social Democrat Party president, Liviu Dragnea, has arrived in the Supreme Court, for a new deadline hearing in the fictive employment file from the Teleorman Child Protection Directorate. About 200 people – protesters and supporters – waited the Social Democrat leader. An impressive number of gendarmes are on the ground to ensure public order. In the first instance, Liviu Dragnea was sentenced to three and a half years in prison with. In the preceding term, the panel of five judges asked lawyers and prosecutors to be trained with the final pleadings. There is also the option of postponing, if lawyers require a respite to prepare the conclusions. At the same time, a decision by the Constitutional Court on specialized plots to judge corruption files was postponed to April 19th.

Romania exported 67 billion euros worth of products in 2018

Last year, Romania managed to export approximately 67 billion euros worth of products in the world, more by about five billion compared to 2017, the National Institute of Statistics announced. Imports totaled 83 billion euros. Thus the difference between exports and imports is in favor of the latter – 15 billion euros. By far the largest trade is with Germany – exports exceed 15 billion, and imports are close to 17 billion. The only country with which Romania has a balance of over one billion euros in its favor is the UK. Other partners with which our country is on the plus are the United States, France, the Republic of Moldova, Egypt or Norway. On the other hand, Romania imports more from Turkey, China, Austria, Poland or Bulgaria.

Ovidiu Popescu, RADOR