February 24-th

Meetings at the Ministries of Health and Home Affairs, amid the danger represented by the new coronavirus

In Bucharest, several meetings are scheduled today at the Ministries of Health and Home Affairs, in the context of the danger represented by the new coronavirus. Thus, the Committee on Disease Prevention and Limitation set up by the Health Ministry will meet on Monday, starting from 12:00. From 2:00 pm, a meeting of the Committee for Emergency Situations is scheduled at the headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. At central level, it has already been decided that all persons arriving in Romania from the Italian localities affected by coronavirus should be quarantined for 14 days.

Romanians suspected of coronavirus, quarantined

Preventive measures have been taken in the country, especially in border counties. A special situation was recorded today in Timişoara, where a 56-year-old person was taken by ambulance to the Hospital for Infectious Diseases. Doctors were alerted by the man’s family who had returned from Milan, but eventually the suspicion of coronavirus was denied. Another situation is in Bistriţa-Năsăud, where five locals returned last night from a trip from Italy and an Italian citizen who arrived there 12 days ago was placed in isolation at home. In Buzău, a woman, who also arrived from Italy last night, was transferred last night to the camp in Arbănaşi, where she will be quarantined for 14 days. There are other quarantined or monitored persons in the country, but no coronavirus infection has been confirmed to date.

In Satu Mare, special locations are organized for the quarantine of people returning from Northern Italy

Authorities in Satu Mare have prepared special locations to quarantine people returning from Northern Italy. The prefect of the county says that buildings were chosen to meet several criteria, such as an isolated area but close to the border crossing points. Last night, two buses with Romanian citizens came from Italy. Doctors performed the checks directly at the Petea Border Point and the travelers were directed to the Maramureş County Hospital, where a whole wing of the building was prepared for them. Several doctors are constantly present at the border crossing points from Petea, Urziceni and Halmeu.

RADOR – Ovidiu Popescu