News review of the day – November 20th

Bucharest hosts international conference „25 years after the fall of Communist autocracies in Eastern Europe”

Former heads of state and leaders of 1989 revolutions and transitions to democracy have attended today an international conference hosted at Romania’s Palace of Parliament called „25 years after the fall of Communist autocracies in Eastern Europe”. Former Polish President Lech Walesa was among the guests and he delivered a speech which received a standing ovation.
Former foreign minister of the German Democratic Republic Markus Meckel who has contributed to Germany’s reunification efforts has pointed out that Communism is not the only thing to blame for some of Europe’s problems today and matters like corruption should be discussed openly .
Former King Michael I of Romania has sent a message delivered by its son-in-law Prince Radu saying he has eyewitnessed the rise and fall of Fascism and Communism. The king declares he has long awaited all his life that Europe come to its senses and Romania become itself once more, but, 25 years after the fall of Communism, democracy is still not safe.
The event will end tomorrrow with an appeal addressed to the European Parliament to condemn the crimes and ideology of Communism.

Russia expects bilateral relations with Romania to change

Russia expects bilateral relations with Romania to change after the presidential elections in our country. Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Aleksandr Lukashevich, who has answered a question of the Romanian press has stated, among other things, that bilateral relations between Romania and the Russian Federation have seen certain standoff due to criticism expressed by Bucharest amid the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, Radio Romania correspondent reported.

Chargé d’Affaires at the US Embassy in Bucharest Dean Thompson met with investors

Dean Thompson, Chargé d’Affaires a.i. at the US Embassy in Bucharest, has stated today on a meeting of investors that any dynamic and solid economy is based on the rule of law, stability of business environment and mutual consultations. The US diplomat considers that Romania is striving to improve its business environment and significant progress has already been made in those state-owned companies that benefited from professional management as well as from successful listings at stock exchange.
Dean Thompson has pointed out the future need of healthcare, education and infrastructure investment or justice related programs taking into account the negative trend of demographic data Romania will be confrunted with in the upcoming years. He has also pointed out that political haste on the short term should not undermine the long-term reforms and has reiterated the US support as an ally for Romania’s efforts to reach transparency, predictability and a stable government as key elements to stimulate investment.

Constitutional Court expected to validate  elections results tomorrow

Romania’s Constitutional Court will be in session tomorrow starting 10 AM to analyze and validate the results of the presidential runoff on November 16th. A special ceremony is expected at noon when judges are going to hand over their decision to the President-elect. Following these procedures, the new head of state will be entitled to take over his mandate on December 21st when the Acting President’s terms of office expire.

Romania to boost presence to Afghanistan with 420 military

Romania is going to boost its presence to Afghanistan with 420 military, according to a statement made Wednesday night by President Traian Basescu. The Romanian soldiers will ensure security of Kandahar Airfield and instruct several units of the Afghan army. Romania is thus joining other states in assisting the Afghan security forces after NATO’s and US withdrawal of combat units acting in this country for 13 years. The remaining military, including 10,000 Americans, will focus on counseling and training the Afghan army.

Ford carmaker to lay off 680 employees in Craiova

Ford Motor Company is going to lay off 680 employees from its car plant in the Romanian city of Craiova due to a decrease in demand on automotive market in Europe. The US carmaker has announced the start of a voluntary leave program for 20% of its 3,200 employees which is open until December 18th. If the number of voluntaries is lower than the company’s target Ford will resort to layoffs on economic grounds. The local employement agency in Dolj county has received a notification from the carmaker stating its intention to make layoffs in 2015. Earlier this year, Ford has temporarily stopped production several times.

36 million euros investment in Craiova of Turkish ETI sweets factory

ETI European Food Industries SA will mark the start of construction works for a new sweets factory in Craiova Industrial Park on Tuesday, November 25th, according to a press release by the company. The Turkish investment is worth 30 million euros and another 6 million will be granted by the Romanian state.The deadline for the works is 2016 and 300 job openings are expected to be created. ETİ Gıda AS is a familiy-owned company based in Eskisehir, Turkey which dates back to 1962 and is one of the top 100 companies in this country with 7 factories worldwide, 45 brands and nearly 300 products.

10.000 visitors on opening day of Gaudeamus International Book Fair organized by Radio Romania

Gaudeamus International Book Fair organized by Radio Romania awaits its visitors until Sunday November 23rd at Romexpo Exhibition Center in Bucharest with more than 750 events and 300 exhibitors. Yesterday, on the opening day, 10.000 book lovers have visited the fair and tomorrow, on Black Friday, the publishing houses are expected to announce sales by up to 80%.

Code yellow for bad weather in most regions of Romania

Rainfall, snows and strong winds are expected over the next few days according to forecasts by the national weather service which has issued a code yellow warning for northern, eastern and central counties in Romania until tommorow afternoon. Temperatures are expected to drop drastically and rainfall will gradually turn into snowfall in these areas. Later next week, bad weather will also reach southern regions and Bucharest.

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