Friday, August 28th, 2015

President Klaus Iohannis, about the National Defence Strategy

The National Defence Strategy must be followed by an implementation plan at the level of all authorities with responsibilities in domain and a guide that leaves no ambiguity, says Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. He argued, at a conference organized by the National Security Science Academy, that our country needs a regulatory framework adapted to national security realities. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Foreign Ministry learned that no Romanian is involved in the incident with the immigrants found dead in a refrigerated truck

Police in Austria are to present new information today about the case of dozens of immigrants found dead in a refrigerated truck abandoned near the border with Hungary. Regional police chief said it could be between 20 and 50 victims, but the exact number will be known only after the compartment in whiche the victims were discovered will be defrosted. According to the spokesman of Prime Minister Viktor Orban, a Romanian registered the truck in circulation, but the Foreign Ministry learned, through embassies from the Hungarian and Austrian authorities, that no Romanian is involved in this incident. Austrian investigators  cooperate with neighboring countries to elucidate the case. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Romania will strengthen security at the border with Serbia

Romania will strengthen security at the border with Serbia, although it is not affected yet by the waves of refugees that have chosen so far to cross the neighboring countries on their way to Europe, announced the Deputy Prime Minister on national security,  Gabriel Oprea, after the meeting of the National Committee for Emergency Situations. At this time, Romania does not feel an immigrationist pressure, said Gabriel Oprea. He explained that although Europe is facing an unprecedented immigration crisis, which created a considerable pressure in the southern and southeastern European Union, in Romania the illegal border crossing attempts and the number of asylum applications are still in last year’s parameters. However, Gabriel Oprea said that measures of prevention will be taken, monitoring closely the developments in the region, especially from Romania’s border with Serbia.