News review of the day – October 9th

National Holocaust Remembrance Day in Romania

Romania is marking today the National Holocaust Remembrance Day, 74 years after deportation of Jewish and Roma population started in Bukovina and Bessarabia. Romanian authorities officially acknowledged the Holocaust in 2004 based on conclusions formulated by a special committee studying deportations in World War II, led by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel.
President of Jewish Communities Federation in Romania, Aurel Vainer, explained yesterday during a ceremony at the Holocaust Memorial in Bucharest why this moment should never be forgotten:

Aurel Vainer: History is history. We need to know it and to acknowledge it. Romania has come a long way bringing the Holocaust memory closer to people. Much has been done in terms of legislation and we need to carry on in order to remember and to avoid future reoccurance of such atrocities.

President Klaus Iohannis, Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, several other officials, Holocaust survivors and relevant organizations also attended yesterday’s ceremony.

Full address by President Klaus Iohannis marking National Holocaust Remembrance Day

President Iohannis enacted the Law on personal data processing in electronic communications sector

President Klaus Iohannis has enacted the Law on personal data processing and private life protection in electronic communications sector. The most important provision stipulates that, on the request of a court of law or criminal prosecutors, public providers of communications services must make available personal data aiming identification or location in 48 hours. This type of data cannot be stored for more than 3 years. Several readings of the so-called „Big Brother” law have been proposed starting 2009 but they were rejected by the Constitutional Court on grounds of violating individual rights and liberties.
Furthermore, the former head of the Romanian Intelligence Service, George Maior, resigned in January later saying that rejecting this law was the reason for his resignation.

Former President Traian Băsescu joined the People’s Movement Party

Former President Traian Băsescu has joined the People’s Movement Party today and stated he decided to make a come-back on the political stage in order to defend his two presidential terms which are being constantly vilified but also to help consolidate the rule of law. Traian Băsescu says he will continue to be an intrusive politician.
Traian Băsescu: The first and most important reason for my comeback on the political stage is related to this bitter campaign meant to vilify my two terms as President and the changes this country has seen over these last ten years, which consolidated the rule of law. These are few of the reasons beyond a greater reason: since my political legacy can no longer be the Democratic Liberal Party, I choose to replace it with the People’s Movement.

The People’s Movement Party was created in January 2014 and declares to be a centre-right wing party targeting the middle class and young people.

Finance Ministry to conclude implementing rules for the new Fiscal Code by November

The Finance Ministry is drafting the implementing rules for the new Fiscal Code and plans to conclude them by the end of November. According to officials in the ministry, besides the VAT reduction, the new Code stipulates an extended application of the reverse charge VAT mechanism related to the sale of land or buildings, a measure that was left out in 2008 but will come back in 2016. The same reverse charge mechanism will apply in case of mobile phones, chipset devices, game console and gambling suppliers who are generally responsible for the residence of Florida state sports betting sites. The most important measure promoted by the new Fiscal Code is the VAT cut from 24% down to 20% starting January 1st 2016 and to 19% starting 2017.

Technical mission of the IMF expected in Bucharest early next week

A technical mission of the International Monetary Fund led by Andrea Schaechter is expected in Bucharest early next week for talks with Romanian authorities regarding guidlines of the state budget for 2016. A possible new agreement between Romania and the IMF will also be analyzed, according to sources in the Finance Ministry quoted by the public radio. The IMF Resident Representative Office for Romania and Bulgaria informed that the mission will take place October 13 to 20. The most recent agreement between Romania and the IMF was concluded at the end of September after several failed attempts to resolve discrepancies regarding measures of fiscal relaxation.

UNICEF starts campaign against violence in Romanian schools

UNICEF and Romania’s Ministry of Education have started a campaign against violence in public schools today, which aims to raise awareness regarding verbal violence between children but also between teachers and students. Furthermore, the United Nations Children’s Fund has begun a large campaign in this respect back in 2013 and the results so far have showed that public opinion’s awareness regarding consequences of violence upon children has  significantly improved.

Live video broadcast of Romanian Radio Children’s Choir participating in prestigious EBU choral competition

The Romanian Radio Children’s Choir will perform on Sunday, October 11th, starting 8 PM, in a public concert hosted by the Bavarian Radio and broadcast live on all websites of EBU member radios, including and Conducted by Voicu Popescu, the Romanian Radio Children’s Choir has been selected to participate in the finals of the prestigious international competition „Let the peoples sing!” organized under the aegis of the European Broadcasting Union. Other finalist countries are Denmark, the United Kingdom, the US, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, Latvia and Austria. The Romanians are going to perform first in the programme with Salve Regina by Javier Busto and Offering to the World’s Children by Sabin Păutza. The members of the choir have created their own choreography for the show.

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