Thursday, June 8th

Romanian Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu has met his French counterpart in Paris

France’s support for Romania’s accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has been the central subject of discussions in Paris between the Romanian Prime Minister, Sorin Grindeanu and his French counterpart, Édouard Philippe. Mr. Grindeanu is the first foreign head of government who has met the chief of French diplomacy, after he took office, in the aftermath of Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the presidential elections, at the end of April. The two officials also talked about European entrenchment after Brexit and also about the strategic partnership between Romania and France.
Sorin Grindeanu: I thanked France for the support it gives us in reaching the goal of becoming an OECD member and we appreciate the backing that France has offered Romania throughout the history. They were always there for us, as it happened, for example, when we wanted to become members of NATO and when we became a European Union member state. It is the country that supports Romania’s accession to the OECD.

Romania became the 33rd member of the Nuclear Energy Agency

Romania is, as of today, the 33rd member of the Nuclear Energy Agency. Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu took part in the accession ceremony that was held at the headquarters of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris. In his speech, Mr. Grindeanu has said that Romania’s accession to the Nuclear Energy Agency is proof that the country owns a nuclear program that stands by the highest security standards. Romanian experts see this accession as an opportunity for Romania to join the elite of international experts in countries that share the highest standards in nuclear energy, Prime Minister believes.

The traditional Romanian blouse – „Ia” – has been promoted in the European Parliament

The Romanian traditional blouse „Ia” has been the subject of a debate in the European Parliament on Thursday on traditional elements of the national culture and an exhibition, organized by the European Parliament Member Viorica Danaila, in collaboration with the Romanian Ministry of Romanians Abroad. „Ia” has come to be recognized anywhere, not just in Europe, and events like that emphasize the Romanian values as part of the European Union cultural heritage. The International „Ia” Day is celebrated every year on June the 24th.

Romania’s economy has grown by 5.7% in the first quarter of the year

Romania’s economy has had a 5.7% growth in the first three month of this year, compared to the same time of the year before. The IT sector, services, trade and industry were the areas that brought the most support to the GDP. However, the construction sector and the finance sector have suffered loses. The government counts on a 5.2% economic growth, while the international institutions have forecast a growth of between 4 and 4.5%.

Mădaina Brotăcel, Agenţia de presă RADOR