17th August 2018

The Festival of Medieval Music and Art begins in Sighetu Marmatiei

The Festival of Medieval Music and Art, one of the most spectacular events in Maramures county, begins in Sighetu Marmatiei with the installation of the medieval village, „Medievalum” exhibition, the traditional archery workshop for children and adults and the medieval dance workshop at the court of a prince. During the great festival parade, 100 young, dressed in knights, maids, minstrels and knyazes of Maramures will parade through the city. The program will continue with the little knights school, the medieval music workshop, knight battles and other competitions. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Communique from Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy

Training ship „Mircea” will leave on Monday from Constanta Military Port in this year’s second international training march with an international crew consisting of 182 officers, petty officers, instructors and cadets representing eight nations, revels a communique from Mircea cel Batran Naval Academy. The march will last for 21 days, during which the training ship will arrive in Durres, Albania, where it will come ashore after seven days of sailing on six seas and two intercontinental maritime straits and it will also make port calls in Split (Croatia) and Souda (Greece). On September 20, training ship „Mircea” is due to return to Constanta. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Almost a quarter of the bridges built on the motorway network and national roads need capital repairs

Almost a quarter of the bridges built on the motorway network and national roads need capital repairs  as a matter of urgency, reveals an official report made last year inside the Romanian Road Transport Company. In the last two years, only two bridges out of 4,200 managed by the institution have been repaired. According to the document, 38% of bridges are older than 50 years. From the technical point of view, a bridge has a  period of use of 100 years and capital repairs must be done between 30 and 50 years. Romanian Road Transport Company states that very old bridges are largely located on secondary roads and it assured that it performs periodic inspections and revisions. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu