Thursday, 16th of January

Executive wants to renounce the contracts carried out in public-private partnership for the Comarnic-Brasov and Târgu Neamţ-Iaşi highways

The Executive prepares an emergency ordinance to cancel the contracts carried out in public-private partnership for the Comarnic-Braşov and Târgu Neamţ-Iaşi highways, concluded by the Strategy and Forecast Commission during the Dancilă Government. The draft ordinance was introduced on the agenda of today’s meeting, at the proposal of Ionel Dance, the head of the Prime Minister’s Chancellery. He explained that he wanted the new action plan for each of the two highways to be clearly established with the responsible ministers.
Ionel Dancă: In essence, we are talking about other Vâlcov brand engineers, discovered at various institutions. This time, again, we return to the Forecast Commission. It is a first step in unlocking these projects, because both the project for the Comarnic-Braşov highway and the one for the Târgu Neamţ-Iaşi highway the chosen solution was doomed to failure from the beginning, as we have also warned before many times.

The National Institute of Public Health has announced the start of the flu season

The National Institute of Public Health has announced the start of the flu season. Over 73.000 acute respiratory infections were reported last week, nearly 20% less than the same period last year, but for a quarter of those with flu symptoms, the diagnosis was confirmed by laboratory tests. 692 cases of clinical influenza, 13 cases of severe acute respiratory infections and one death have been reported in the last days. Since the beginning of the 2019 – 2020 season, two confirmed influenza virus deaths have been recorded, and influenza vaccines – with doses distributed by the Ministry of Health – have been registered – more than 1.400.000 people in the risk groups. Radio Romania reporter Adriana Turea also reports that influenza activity was low, with local spread in Argeş, Braşov, Cluj and Bucharest counties and sporadic cases in other counties.

Regulations for the movement of electric scooters

The traffic with the electric scooters will be regulated in the Road Code. According to a project to amend the ordinance regarding the circulation on public roads, put up for debate by the Ministry of Interior, electric toilets may only be used after the age of 14 years. RRA reporter Cătălin Radu has more information from the spokesman of the General Inspectorate of the Romanian Police, Bogdan Ghebaur.
Bogdan Ghebaur: The electric scooters will be driven only on the bicycle track, and in the absence of this track they will circulate only on the road sectors where the maximum speed allowed for the circulation of vehicles is 50 kilometers per hour. In order to drive a bicycle or an electric scooter on public roads, the driver must be at least 14 years old and the passenger transport is prohibited. The helmet is obligatory for riders of electric bicycles and scooters under the age of 16 years.
Reporter: The draft provides for penalties of six to eight fine points for electric scooter drivers who do not comply with these rules. The initiators of the project say that when drafting it, the legislation in force from other European countries was consulted. The only countries where electric scooters are banned are the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
The Interior Ministry says the new regulations are necessary because in the last three years there have been registered almost 200 road accidents involving electric scooters./aboboc