Wednesday, January 29th

Romanian Foreign Minister met US Ambassador to Bucharest

Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu met Adrian Zuckerman, the US Ambassador to Bucharest, on Tuesday. Talks focused on priorities on the Romanian-American agenda in 2020, according to a statement issued by Romania’s Foreign Ministry. Both officials also reviewed issues concernig defence and security co-operation as minister Aurescu reiterated the importance of a growing American military presence in Romania as a way of further enforcing NATO’s eastern front. Mr. Aurescu and ambassador Zuckerman also focused on issues concerning the former Soviet Republic of Moldova as both officials agreed to further coordinate their efforts on the matter.

Romanian government condemned by PSD opposition

Romania’s former governing left-wing Social Democratic Party (PSD) condemned the right-wing government for canceling the public-private partnership contracts designed to finalise critical motorways between Comarnic, a town on the Prahova Valley, and the central Transylvanian city of Braşov as well as a route in the eastern province of Moldova. PSD claimed that a recent decision of the government led by the National Liberal Party (PNL) sent Romania ten years back into the past while also wiping out Romanians’ hopes for a motorway linking Moldova and Transylvania. PSD called on the Orban government to publish data including costs, environment problems and other issues as such data were already available in the archives of the country’s Transport Ministry. Romania has one of the shortest motorway networks in the European Union, with just 806 km throughout the whole country. In March 2019, an entrepreneur has built a one-metre-long stretch of motorway in north-eastern Romania to protest about his country’s poor highway infrastructure.

RRI praised in Brazil

Radio Romania International (RR), the Romanian broadcaster for audiences abroad, was highly praised in Brazil recently. DX Clube sem Fronteiras, a radio club in Brazil, awarded RRI for its achievements in the field. The prize for the best radio broadcaster went to RRI while Victoria Sepciu received the prize as best female radio programme editor. RRI editor Valeriu Radulian was also nominated among the winners. Victoria Sepciu is an editor with the Spanish department of RRI.
Alexandru Danga/adanga