Thursday, October 29

The COVID-19 epidemic – enemy to testing and accessing treatment for patients with Hepatitis C

The COVID-19 epidemic is the enemy of testing and accessing treatment for patients with Hepatitis C, warns the president of the Association of Patients with Hepatic Affections. Marinela Debu says that the number of patients who have accessed antiviral therapy, especially through the Cost-Volume-Result programme, for Hepatitis C is very small. Some of the causes are the difficult access to some services in the hospitals, late appointments but also the fear patient have related to getting the new coronavirus or to be diagnosed with COVID-19. Adela Cojan is president of the National Health Insurance House. She says that, according to the present contract with producers, 17.600 patients can be treated but, so far, less than 5.000 people with Hepatitis C have accessed it. Starting next year, these patients will get two new medicines, as Adela Cojan announced.
Almost three million people with chronicle disease live in Romania and more than 500.000 of them are HIV infected or have different types of Hepatitis. Once hospitals for infectious diseases became COVID hospitals, access for patients with other illnesses became restricted, as far as specialists are concerned but also when it comes to tests, investigations and treatment.

The Romanian company TAROM suspends more external flights and those to Oradea and Suceava

The Romanian company TAROM announced that it is cancelling some internal and external flights in November and December because of the coronavirus pandemic. Flights to London, Brussels, Munich and Amsterdam will be affected. Therefore, between 7th and 30th of November, flights to and from London will be suspended. Also, on the 2nd, 9th and 16th of November, flights to and from Brussels will be canceled. Flights to and from Amsterdam and Munich will also be suspended in November and December. Some of the internal flights that will be affected are those to and from Oradea and Suceava. Passengers who have already bought tickets for those flights have been or will be contacted by the company.

The new mayor of the Municipality of Bucharest, Nicuşor Dan, has been sworn in

The new General Mayor of the capital, Nicuşor Dan, has been sworn in today, after the establishment of the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest. He promised a good collaboration, in the interest of the community, and called to the university graduates to come in the public administration. Nicuşor Dan sent a message of trust to the inhabitants of the capital.
Nicuşor Dan: Bucharest has an extraordinary perspective and it is impossible not to succeed but, on the very short term, I ask patience and solidarity from the people of Bucharest, because there are some serios and urgent problems we are dealing with, we are in a sanitary crisis, we have a heating crisis and a financial crisis, patience, we will solve them. As far as the sanitary crisis is concerned, I reiterate my call that I will repeat every time I will have the opportunity to: wear a mask, respect the specialists’ recommendations, avoid crowds. We are a community and it is our responsibility to get through this pandemic. I have made a promise and I will keep it: we will open the big door of the City Hall but I will postpone it for the moment. On the first day Bucharest will register less than 100 infections we will open the door of the City Hall.