Thursday, August 5, 2021

More that 350 military divers attend a multinational exercise in The Black Sea

More than 350 military divers from six countries attend a multinational exercise in The Black Sea. The exercise, which will last for four days, is being led by Diver Center 39 in the Romanian Naval Forces.
The 11th edition of the exercise „Eurasian Partnership MCM Dive” takes place in Romanian waters. The exercises are attended by 250 Romanian divers and approximately 100 foreign soldiers from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, The United States of America and Ukraine. The aim of the exercise is consolidating the skills of the marine divers and developing the interoperability of the participants in two domains – specific diving activities of search, identification and destroying of mines inside the historic mine barrage and underwater work with hydraulic instruments and diving with food, from the surface, to the divers placed at low depths.

The process of vaccination of the population must continue based on awareness, said president Klaus Iohannis

The process of vaccination must continue based on awareness, not on restrictive measures against those who refuse immunization, said president Klaus Iohannis yesterday.
Klaus Iohannis: I cannot accept measures that lead to discrimination. We cannot defeat the pandemic through discrimination, we can do it through vaccination. It’s easier said than done.
Asked if he supports making vaccination compulsory for some categories of vulnerable people or for doctors and teachers, as things happen in other countries, Klaus Iohannis said that it is unacceptable for the medical staff, for example, not to be vaccinated. The chief of state added that, from the talks he had with doctors, he found out that approximately 90% of the medical staff is vaccinated, and the ones that are not are mainly auxiliary personnel.

Romania got the first place at the International Championship of Robotics in Chicago

Romania is the world champion in Robotics. The Romanian robotics team – Auto Vortex – made up of 16 high school students have taken the gold medal home. Along with it, Romania reached on the first place in all important competitions this year. That is why the young Romanians were asked by the Foreign Minister to join Expo Dubai 2020. The Romanian stand will be animated by Auto Vortex robots, among which humanoid robots, that will interact with visitors.

The Romanian Auto Vortex team won with the robots made by teenagers, in a hub at the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, where they have their robotics lab. The young Romanians, led by Valentin Ionuţ Panea won the first prize at the Robotics Championship, attended by the the best robotics teams in the US. This is the first time, since 1989, that a foreign team manages to win first place on American soil. Annihilator and Armageddon are the robots that the Romanian team won the title with. The victory is even more important, as it also means breaking a world record, in a competition where they met the best countries in the robotics field.

British authorities have placed Romania on the green list of states with a low risk for public health

British authorities have decided to place Romania on the green list of states with a low risk for public health, in an effort to safely relaunch international travel. Therefore, Romanians who travel to the UK won’t need to remain in quarantine, no matter if they are vaccinated or not. They will still need to present a negative result to a PCR test taken before entering the UK, and take a second test, two days after the arrival in Great Britain. Along with Romania, Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Latvia and Norway will enter the green list starting on Sunday. The British government also wrote on its website that it will continue to monitor data about the evolution of the pandemic in all states and will not hesitate to change the rules, when things change./aionita