January 10th, 2018

Romania continues to support the solution of two states, in the Israeli Palestinian conflict

Romania continues to support the solution of two states, in the Israeli Palestinian conflict, while our country stands by the status conferred by the resolutions of the ONU Security Council and UN General Assembly to the city of Jerusalem, told Teodor Meleşcanu, the Romanian foreign minister, for Radio Romania, after the meeting he attended today with the group of ambassadors from Arab states. The UN General Assembly Resolution, adopted on December 21st 2107, recommends the member states to refrain from setting diplomatic missions in Jerusalem and intensify the international efforts for a lasting peace.
Teodor Meleşcanu: I have very clearly reiterated Romania’s position, in favor of solving the Israeli Palestinian conflict by implementing the solution of the two states: Israel and Palestine. I have referred to the importance of resuming the dialogue between the parties involved, on all the issues, including Jerusalem.

The World Bank has upgraded its evaluation on the Romanian economic evolution

According to a new report by the World Bank, our country will have an economic growth of 4, 5% – 3, 7 % higher than anticipated in June, 2017. For next year, the Bank estimated that the economy will have a growth of 4, 1 percent, bigger than the 3, 5 percent that had been estimated. The World Bank also expects Romania to report, for 2017, a growth of 6, 4 % of the gross domestic income (GDI), bigger than the 4, 4 percent estimated in June. The economic growth of our country will slow down in 2010, when it will only reach 3, 5%. The financial international institution also noticed that, in Romania, a number of state companies have been depoliticized. Also, the law concerning state company governing has been approved and that improves criteria for selecting and evaluating directors of these societies. Still, the implementation of the law is delayed and the resistance to change is significant, the World Bank points out.

The Cantacuzino National Research Institute will come under the ferule of the Defense Minister

The Cantacuzino National Research Institute, recently subordinated to the Minister of Defense, will produce the first flu vaccine in approximately two years, said minister Mihai Fifor. During a press conference, he mentioned that the shortage of personnel is the most important problem the institution is facing and that 200 jobs will be open this year. The defense minister said that he plans to make the laboratories of the institute the top laboratories in Romania.
Mihai Fifor: We will restart the production of flu vaccines; we will restart producing BCG and, also we want to reintroduce known Cantacuzino brands, why not, the well-known Polidin, and also products that will be developed through the research activity inside the Cantacuzino Institute.
The law that makes Cantacuzino Institute a subordinate of the Defense Minister was promulgated by president Klaus Iohannis earlier this week.

Alexandra Ioniţă – RADOR