Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Ministry of Foreign Affairs alerts Romanian citizens traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ministry of Foreign Affairs alerts Romanian citizens who are or want to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina that several roads are blocked due to landslides in Tuzla Canton. Landslides have occurred due to heavy rainfall in recent days, especially in northern and eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Romania won the first place at the International Geography Olympiad, which took place in Tver, Russia

Romania’s national team won a gold medal, two silver medals and a bronze medal at the International Geography Olympiad, which which this year took place in August 10 to 18, in Tver, Russia. The competition was attended by students from 40 countries. Romania ranked first in overall standings and Costin George Dobrin, 11th grader at the Mircea cel Batran National College in Constanta won the gold medal. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Air traffic controllers threaten again with a general strike

ROMATSA Director-General, Ion Aurel Stanciu, believes that the start of a general strike of air traffic controllers would be unfounded. In an interview for Radio Romania he said that that 12 of the 14 of employees’ claims were settled and the current trade union accusations are exaggerated. Employee representatives have again threatened with a general strike on Wednesday, because the company’s management did not respect the agreements previously established. The trade union leader, Gabriel Tudorache, explained that superiors and the Transport Minister will be informed in writing with at least six days before, if the decision to go on with the strike will come into effect. (RADIO ROMANIA reports)

Adrian Strugariu