Wednesday, July 3rd

The first round of presidential elections in Romania will be held on the 10th of November

The Judicial Committee in the Romanian Chamber of Deputies has decided that the first round of the presidential elections due to be held this autumn will take place on the 10th of November and the runoff will occur on November the 24th. The committee has the final say regarding the changes to the electoral law. Jurist deputies also established that the voting time will be extended until midnight in the presidential elections day, both in the country and in diaspora, as long as there will be citizens that didn’t cast their votes in the stations.

Romania’s accession to the Euro Zone will be one of the goals of the Romanian National Bank – Mugur Isarescu

The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies in Romania are meeting in plenum in order to validate Mugur Isarescu for a new tenure as head of the Romanian National Bank (BNR). On Tuesday, Isarescu has received the unanimous advice in the budget and finance committees. The Governor of BNR has said that one of its objectives will be to take Romania into the Euro Zone.
Mugur Isarescu: It is a complex and tricky process. We are tempted to rush. The philosophy that I adopted is to ensure a very good preparation for the transition to euro. The Euro Zone is a convergence zone, if those that are part of this club of the single currency are similarly developed and relatively well prepared. The idea that one can enter the Euro Zone with big macroeconomic imbalances, unprepared and that becoming a member will help is wrong.

The Romanian Prime Minister has summed up the county’s Presidency at the European Union Council

The Romanian Prime Minister, Viorica Dancila, has presented a sum-up of Romania’s six-month tenure at the helm of the European Union Council. According to Mrs. Dancila, Romania has showed that it is „strongly attached to the European values and acted in order to enhance the European project, and towards a Union of citizens, liberties, combined efforts and capabilities”. The Prime Minister has underlined that the Romanian Presidency unfolded in a complex and dynamic context, marked by European elections, as well as developments related to Brexit and a changing international environment. The tenure was of significant importance for Romania, which led to meaningful results for it as a member state, as well as for the European Union as a whole, Viorica Dancila noted.

Mădălina Brotăcel, RADOR