Monday, 6th of January

The President of Romania pays a working visit to the German state of Bavaria

President Klaus Iohannis, pays a working visit to the land of Bavaria tomorrow, where he will meet with the Prime Minister and the President of the Parliament of the German Land. Oana Bâlă has more information:
Reporter: President Klaus Iohannis will meet with the Prime Minister of the Land of Bavaria and President of the Christian Social Union in this region. Markus Söder. He will also participate in the government meeting of the Land where he will hold a speech and will have a dialogue with the members of the government regarding the bilateral relations and the European news. The head of state will also attend the annual meeting of the Parliamentary Group of the Christian-Social Union in Bundestag, the lower chamber of the German Parliament, which will take place at Zion Abbey in Bavaria. On this occasion, President Klaus Iohannis will present Romania’s vision for the future of Europe and will focus on the priorities of the European agenda. Also during the visit, the head of state will meet with the President of the Parliament of the Land of Bavaria, Ilse Igner.

The law of the State Budget and that of the State Social Insurance Budget for 2020 have been promulgated

The law of the State Budget and that of the State Social Insurance Budget for 2020 were promulgated today by President Klaus Iohannis. The government led by Ludovic Orban committed his responsibility to the Parliament for the two laws on December 23, being the first time that the executive uses this legislative option for budget allocations. At that time, the Prime Minister explained the decision by the fact that it was unlikely that he could have adopted the projects by the end of the year. He stated that the 2020 budget includes substantial increases in health and education, as well as accepted amendments – formulated by ALDE, USR and PMP – to finance infrastructure and environmental projects. The amounts necessary to increase the pensions corresponding to the provisions in force are also provided, said Ludovic Orban.

The labor crisis and rising inflation will be the most important challenges for the business environment in Romania

The labor crisis and the growth of inflation will represent, this year, the most important challenges for the business environment in Romania – shows the „Barometer on the state of the economy”, published by a consulting company. Costi Dumăscu summarizes the forecasts of the study .
Reporter: After the previous opinion barometer of Frames company, from July 2019, the inflation and the depreciation of the leu were in the forefront of investors’ fears, in 2020 the labor crisis tends to return to the forefront. To the question what could be the main challenges that the business environment will face, over 60% of the companies indicated the problem of the labor force, 53% mentioned the increase of the financial blockade, 49% the increase of the inflation and 36% a potential negative evolution of the exchange rate. The labor crisis intensified last year – the study shows, and the import of foreign workers failed to compensate even 10% of the necessary. In addition, beyond stimulating consumption, wage increases in the budgetary environment have accentuated the imbalances in the labor market. In a separate section of the analysis the businessmen were asked: what measures do they consider necessary for the development of a stable economic framework. The fiscal predictability was in the top of the mentions with over 70%, it follows the digitalization of the public administration, the investments in infrastructure, the reduction of the budgetary apparatus and a national plan of professional reconversion. The study was conducted by telephone and e-mail questionnaires on a representative sample of 450 companies from fields such as trade and financial services, agriculture, energy, clothing and IT./aboboc

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