News review of the day – April 16th

President Klaus Iohannis calls political parties for consultations on Monday

President Klaus Iohannis has called all parliamentary parties for consultations next Monday at Cotroceni Palace, the Presidency’s headquarters. The talks will target subjects concerning electoral laws, including pending regulations for Romanians voting abroad. The agenda also includes parliamentary proceedings regarding endorsement of criminal prosecution, custody, arrest and house search of MPs as well as other public interest subjects. Each political party will be allotted one hour for talks with the head of state between 10 am and 5 pm on Monday, April 20th.

Romanian authorities should invest more in Education and young people should have a voice in society –  Henri Malosse, EESC President

Romanian authorities should improve their communication with the civil society alongside a boost of Education expenses so that young people need not go abroad to look for jobs, according to the President of the European Economic and Social Committee Henri Malosse who met today in Bucharest with Romania’s Youth and Sports Minister Gabriela Szabo and representatives of several NGOs.

Henri Malosse: The EU and Romania’s Government both have a responsibility to offer people and most of all young people a vision for the future. I believe it’s important for the young generation to have a voice in politics, in the economic and social life. A society where young people do not have a voice cannot make them count and cannot make them visible.

Draft bill regarding special allowances for MPs introduced in both Chambers

A draft bill regarding special pensions for the MPs has been introduced today both at the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. The document was signed by 256 MPs from all political parties. The Permanent Bureaus are to decide a schedule for debates and the procedures for approval. The draft bill established a special allowance between 1.500 Ron and 4.000 Ron for dignitaries depending on the number of their mandates.

Stated incomes obtained abroad have risen sevenfold last year against 2013

Incomes obtained abroad and stated last year by big-fortune individuals have risen sevenfold against 2013 reaching approximately 32 million euros, according to a press release by the Romanian Tax Administration ANAF. The increase follows a more consistent campaign meant to ensure better fiscal compliance regarding declaration of incomes obtained abroad. During this campaign, the fiscal body notified the group of private individuals with big fortunes and informed them about fiscal obligations but also conducted extensive controls on the matter.

Health Ministry is drafting a new bill on vaccination

Health Ministry is working on a vaccination law following experts’ warnings saying that fewer and fewer Romanians choose immunization. The law is being drafted with experts of the WHO and it will come into force after public debate. The law aims to inform and raise awareness regarding the importance of vaccines and will avoid sanctions for those parents who refuse immunization of their children, according to a press release posted on Health Ministry’s website.

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