News review of the day – May 26

Sorin Ducaru: NATO officials to focus on the Balkans at the upcoming summit of the Alliance

NATO officials intend to focus on the Balkans at the upcoming summit of the Alliance in early July. Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges Sorin Ducaru considers that Montenegro’s accession might create premises for bringing stability back to the region. The statement is made within the most challenging security context since the end of the Cold War. There are two major guidelines: the threat coming from the East and the one coming from the South of the Alliance, Sorin Ducaru added.

Assistant Secretary General Sorin Ducaru: For the first time in NATO’s history, member states have identified and agreed upon two major concurring risks: the one coming from the East, as Russia never misses an opportunity to show its historical interest for the Balkans and to provoke the Alliance. The same strategy is applied with those countries from the Balkans that have expressed their intention to conclude partnerships with NATO. On the other hand, we notice the tensions triggered by radical policies and reglions, terrorism and the huge refugee wave registered lately, all these factors merging in the Balkans area.

Assistant Secretary General Sorin Ducaru has addressed these issues during a video message sent for the conference „Security Challenges in the Balkans”, organised at the Palace of the National Military Circle in Bucharest.

Subjects to be discussed on tomorrow’s meeting by the Supreme Council of National Defense

The healthcare system problems, with hospital infections as a tender spot of the sector impacting national security represent a subject on tomorrow’s agenda of the Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) meeting. According to a press release by the Presidency, CSAT members are also going to discuss last year’s activity of Romania’s Intelligence Service and will establish Romania’s mandate for the NATO Summit in Warsaw. Other subjects on the agenda concern the developing stage of nuclear reactors 3 and 4 in Cernavoda, Romania’s military strategy, the Army’s endowment programe for the next 10 years and armed forces to participate in theatres of operations abroad next year, RADIO ROMANIA reported.

All medical services provided to survivors of the Colectiv Club fire have been reimbursed – CSAMB

Survivors of the Colectiv Club fire are not going to pay for any medical treatment, according to a press release by the Bucharest Health Insurance House (CSAMB). The institution announced that all medical services have been reimbursed. Medical services provided after the emergency situation will be accounted for between the Health Insurance House and relevant hospitals, according to the same press release which followed several reports in the media stating that 30 persons injured in the Colectiv fire had not yet benefited from any reimbursement, RADIO ROMANIA informed.

Bank loans in national currency rose by a third

National currency bank loans have registered a one-third increase over the last year, according to Central Bank data this May. Bank loans granted to the population sum up 52 billion Ron, nearly 13 billion Euros. At the end of April 2016, population savings accounts numbered more than 33 billion Euros, 12 billion in foreign currencies and 20 billion in the national currency, RADIO ROMANIA reported

Activity on Henri Coanda International Airport to come back to normal starting tomorrow

Activity on Henri Coanda International Airport will come back to normal starting tomorrow, following an agreement reached by the management of TAROM airline and one of the baggage- handling companies operating in the Bucharest airport. Previously, unionists of this company had threatened to continue their strike to an undetermined time, unsatisfied with certain working conditions. Last week, they went on a warning strike for two hours, RADIO ROMANIA reports.

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