September 3rd 2019

George Enescu International Festival  – the fourth day

The fourth day of the Festival brigs five important concerts and recitals. Two of them are part of the expansion of the festival in the country – at Cluj-Napoca and Sibiu. In the capital, pianist Ioana Delioran will play along with violonist Mircea Lazăr, in the evening at Şuţu Palace. At the Athenaeum and Palace Hall, two other events are planned for the evening. The London Symphony Orchestra will perform together with The Academical Choir of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Company. The concert at the Athenaeum will be conducted by one of the great friends of the festival, sir Lawrence Foster. Born in Los Angeles, from Romanian parents, the prominent conductor is an important promoter of George Enescu’s music.
Sir Lawerence Foster: I was honoured to be invited at the Festival, exactly 20 years ago, as artistical director, and many of the ideas are still valid today and have been valued. For instance, the festival is not only for those living in Bucharest, we have night concerts at the Athenaeum. As for big orchestras coming to the festival, they now perform twice each, they play their own repertoires but also George Enescu’s music.

Romania is the most important wheat exporter in EU

Our country remains the most important wheat exporter in the block, delivering 1,4 billion tons between the 1st of July and the 2nd of September 2019, as shown by  data published by the European Commission. France, the biggest agricultural power in the EU and the country to be responsible for 41% of the wheat exports between 2019-2020, is, for now, behind Romania, for this season. Data also shows that Saudi Arabia is the main destination for European wheat, ahead of Algeria.

Code yellow for temporarily pronounced atmospheric instability

Meteorologists announce a Code yellow for temporarily pronounced atmospheric instability, starting at 13 hours. The area affected will be the north-west of the country. There will be rainy periods, intensified winds, windstorms, and hail, at first in the Oriental Carpathians area and in Moldavia, then, locally, in Transylvania. The warning is valid until tomorrow, at 10 am. After that, meteorologists have predicted rain, winds and a cooler weather. The temperatures will diminish more in the south, south-east and the centre. There is a special forecast for Bucharest. Until tomorrow morning, the weather will be very warm. Afterwards, temperatures will drop to 25 degrees Celsius.


Alexandra Ioniţă