Friday, June 18-th

Study on the opinion of Romanian employees regarding the physical return to work

A third of Romanian employees are undecided when it comes to returning to the office, and almost a quarter prefer to continue working from home, according to a study by a recruitment company on returning to work of employees who have moved home in the last year. Amid the easing of COVID restrictions, only 43% of employees would prefer to return to office or a hybrid system. On the other hand, 23% of respondents said that they have adapted so well to this change that they have even managed to increase their efficiency, while for 17% this prolonged effort has affected their productivity. The survey was conducted between June 4 and 14, on a sample of 937 internet users in Romania./opopescu

It is important that the vaccination scheme is completed in order to prevent SARS-CoV-2 virus infections

The interest of the population for vaccination decreases significantly with each passing day. Yesterday, just over 29,000 people were immunized and only 12,000 with the first dose. The coordinator of the National Imunization Campaign, Valeriu Gheorghiță, specified that it is important to complete the vaccination scheme in preventing the infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. He explained that the Indian version, also called the Delta version, is the most contagious and much more worrying than the British one. The current data, especially from Scotland and the United Kingdom, have shown that vaccination, at the moment, with known schemes, but with the mention of a full-scale vaccination, reduces the risk of at least 20 times more compared to unvaccinated people and, moreover, it seems that the efficiency towards hospitalization, against severe forms, against complications of the disease and implicitly towards death of over 90% is maintained. Specialists have announced that in Romania 35 people have been infected with the Indian variant of coronavirus, but specify that there is no community transmission of this strain./opopescu

A new People”s Advocate is due to be appointed by parliament next Wednesday

A new People’s Advocate is to be appointed by parliament next Wednesday, after the dismissal of Renata Weber from this position. According to the timetable set by the legislative leadership, until next Tuesday the parliamentary groups can make proposals that will be discussed on Wednesday in the Legal Committees. Most likely, a joint session will be convened on the same day to complete the legal procedure for appointing the new People’s Advocate. Former prosecutor Fábián Gyula, supported by UDMR, is one of the proposals for the position of People’s Advocate discussed within the coalition./opopescu