Monday, July 12, 2021

Romania welcomes the victory of Maia Sandu’s party in Moldova’s snap elections

The authorities in Bucharest have welcomed the victory of Action and Solidarity Party (PAS), founded by Maia Sandu, in Sunday’s general elections. President Klaus Iohannis has congratulated Moldovan citizens for their civic spirit and their clear option towards reforms, rule of law and European integration. The Romanian head of state has also congratulated his Moldovan counterpart Maia Sandu for her courage, perseverence and vision and assired her that Romania would support the Republic of Moldova in its reform and European path. Prime Minister Florin Citu has also expressed his support for reforms in the neighbouring country and expressed his hope that Chisinau would soon have a government willing to continue the reforms and uphold the pro-European approach. PAS has won 52.2% of Sunday’s vote, while the Electoral Bloc of Communists and Socialists has gained over 28% and the Shor Party – 5,78%.

Romania extends the state of alarm over the COVID-19 pandemic

The romanian authorities have extended the state of alarm by 30 days, as of Monday. The decision was approved last week by the National Committee for Emergency Situations, with measures including a change in the period of time when people who had COVID-19 are exempted from the measures meant to prevent and control the transmission of COVID-19. The period is increased from 90 to 180 days after a SARS-CoV-2 infection was confirmed. People who had the disease in the last six months are allowed to take part in open space sports competition, shows, concerts and cultural events, as well as weddings and christening parties taking place indoors.

Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna believes that Rosia Montana will become a UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Romanian Deputy Prime Minister Dan Barna has said he is confident that Rosia Montana will become a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This issue is due to be discussed in the coalition meeting on Monday afternoon.
Dan Barna: Romania has submitted the paperwork to UNESCO. From the opinions heard so far, I did not see any of the partners suggesting that the request would be withdrawn. Therefore, I am very confident that at the end of this summer Rosia Montana will become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Last week, Prime Minister Florin Citu said that a decision on the how to approach the listing of Rosia Montana as UNESCO World Heritage Site would be made at coalition level. The Prime Minister has also said that no official move was made in order to withdraw the case.

Mădălina Brotăcel