Tuesday, September 19 2023

Romania’s government released its final draft law on new fiscal and budgetary measures

The government of Romania released its  fina lversion of a  draft law concerning fiscal and budgetary measures on Tuesday. The new measures include changes of taxation regime for companies and banks while removing tax facilities and reducing management positions in public administration. Romania’s Tax Office is also expected to ask for 70 percent of unjustified funds. Holiday vrucher regime is also being changed as tte Executive is trying to pevent tax evaasion and budget deficits. High budget deficit put pressure on Romania’s government, risking punitive mesures by the European Commission in case budget deficits are not brought back under control before the end of the year. Romania is currently the only EU country in the so-called excessive deficit procedure, which requires the country to put in place a set of corrective measures and policies.

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis to attend UN General Assembly

Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis is expected to attend the UN General Aseemply in New York at a time when global divisions run high especially after Russia’s invasion in Ukraine. More than 140 world leaders are expected to visit New York City for this year’s United Nations General Assembly, a forum for discussion among its 193 member states. Opening this year’s session is the new president of UN General Assembly, Dennis Francis, representing the Caribbean island nation of Trinidad and Tobago. Mr Francis served as a diplomat for nearly 40 years, becoming the country’s longest serving ambassador..He was sworn in on September 5, taking over from Hungary’s Csaba Kőrösi. US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky are both set to speak on Tuesday at the United Nations General Assembly.

Romania’s new aid to Lybia

Romania sent its second free of charge aid to Lybia as part o the international assistance to the country affected by catastrophic flood last week. Two C-130 aircraft belonging to Romanian Forcse are planned to make six flights on the air route from Romania to Lybia. The aid include some 55 tones of goods conssisting in food and shelter items. Libya is also expected to receive an aid of more than  5 million euros from the EU consisting in shelter, food, drinking water, medicine and sanitary aid. Victims toll reached more than 11,000 dead while 10,000 people were missing.

Traducerea: Alexandru Danga