Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Loan of 863 million started by the Ministry of Finance from banks, through two issues of state bonds

The Ministry of Finance started this month with a loan of 863 million lei from banks through two issues of state bonds, according to data from the National Bank. The interest rate is 6.82% per year. Today, an additional auction is scheduled, through which the state wants to attract another 75 million lei. The Ministry of Finance has planned loans of 6.2 billion lei this month, to which the amount of 750 million lei can be added through additional sessions of non-competitive offers related to bond auctions. The total sum of 6.95 billion lei is one billion lei more than last month and will be used to refinance the public debt and finance the state budget deficit.

The performance of the Romanian manufacturing sector in May this year marked the best evolution since July 2023 until now

The performance of the Romanian manufacturing sector marked in May of this year the best evolution since July 2023 until now. Thus, the PMI index, which measures changes in economic activity, reached 52 points, being considered a very good advance compared to two years ago. The data presented by one of the banking institutions in our country shows that the growth rate of production and the number of new orders is accelerating, but the delay in deliveries is increasing. Meanwhile, production costs rose at a faster pace as inflation regained momentum. In response, firms increased their selling prices at an even more sustained rate. According to the press release, the higher costs were related to price increases with suppliers, transportation and fuel. The workforce has also increased, but companies are still having difficulty finding suitably qualified staff, the quoted source added.

The ambassador of Israel in Bucharest, Reuven Azar, claims that the incident at the embassy of his country is an act of a terrorist nature

The 34-year-old Syrian citizen, who yesterday threw a Molotov cocktail at the entrance door of the Israeli Embassy in Bucharest, was arrested, and a criminal case was opened against him, the authorities said. The man’s gesture was allegedly caused by a personal dissatisfaction, related to the fact that he was not received in the audience for the granting of an entry visa to Israel, said the spokesperson of the Romanian Police, Georgian Drăgan. He mentioned that the Syrian would not have acted in the context of Israel’s intervention in Gaza. The ambassador of this country in Bucharest, Reuven Azar, claimed, however, that the act was of a terrorist nature.
Reuven Azar: Terrorism has no borders. A violent extremist attacked our embassy with a Molotov cocktail, but thanks to the prompt action of the Romanian law enforcement, the man was immobilized and arrested, then taken for questioning. I want to assure you that we will never surrender to terrorism.
Producer: The police are continuing their investigations to establish exactly the circumstances in which the incident took place, and will take the necessary legal measures.