Wednesday, January 15th

Turnovers evolutions provided by the National Institute of Statistics

The National Institute of Statistics announced an increase of 8.4% in 2019, compared to the previous year, in the turnover of the trade in cars and motorcycles. The turnover of the market services provided to the population increased also by 13.4%, being supported by the activities of hotels and restaurants, almost 20%, but also by the laundry, hairdressing services and other beauty activities, as well as of gambling activities and other recreational activities. The turnover from the activity of tourist agencies and tour operators decreased by 6.3%./opopescu

The annual inflation rate increased more than estimated by the National Bank

The annual rate of inflation has risen more than expected by the National Bank, according to the data at the end of the year, announced yesterday by the National Institute of Statistics. Thus, consumer prices in December 2019 compared to December 2018 increased by 4.0%. The biggest increases were for food, of 5.08%, and for the services tarrifs, of 4.16%, while other goods registered higher prices with 3.31%./opopescu

Bird flu at a chicken farm in Maramureş County

The Institute of Diagnosis and Animal Health in Bucharest has confirmed the presence of the H5N8 bird flus virus at a chicken farm in Seini, Maramureş County. Over 18.600 birds are to be euthanized and incinerated. The situation is managed by specialists and the necessary biodiversity and prevention measures have been taken to tackle the spread of the disease. The authorities also proceeded to destroy the fodder and other virus-bearing materials. Last week, the European Commission reported on the existence of 9 outbreaks of bird flu in Poland and, on Monday, the Hungarian Veterinary Authority announced that a strain of the bird flu virus has been discovered at a farm in the northwestern of the country./opopescu

Ovidiu Popescu, RADOR